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Nancy Greene's Cahilty Lodge is a hotel in Sun Peaks with 175 rooms ranging from cozy and traditional lodge rooms to spacious 3-bedroom suites in the heart of Sun Peaks. Guests of Nancy Greene's Cahilty Lodge experience the warm hospitality of Olympian Nancy Greene, her husband Al Raine and our friendly and professional hotel staff.

Mountainside accommodation

From the ideal mountain side ski-in/ski-out location, to the heated tile floors in the bathrooms and fully equiped kitchens and our secure ski rooms, we know what makes a skier's lodge comfortable — and it helps to have a fun atmosphere and friendly staff that clearly understand you every vacation need.

Sun Peaks accommodation in the heart of Canada's Alpine Village

We are located in the heart of Sun Peaks - Canada's Alpine Village, take a stroll through the village and be never further than 5 minutes away from your hotel.